LMPro Mailer

Pro is The Way To Go!

LISTENOnly two percent of you are used to Upgrading; at least that is the Industry average.
Is it also a coinicidence that only two percent of those online earn real money? We think so, but it is for you to decide if you are ready to Invest in yourself.
Fortuanaly, we know Land Marketing Members beat that average. We have nearly a ten percent amount of our Members Upgraded, and we know from our
own tracking and members reports, that that carries over to a 100% increase in real results. What are Real Results? Signups,Sales,Optin’s and whatever you wished for when you sent out your email.

So we did some thinking, and thought that if ten percent Upgraded gave people a 100% increase in Results, what would happen if we had 100% Upgraded?

So the LMPro Mailer was born!

Results so far are fantastic! People are getting the same results at LMPro Mailer as they do from any Mailer that has approximetly 300 Upgraded Members. When you mail to a site with 30000 members, if you get any results, the odds are very high they will come from one of their 200 Upgraded Member.
Outside of Land Marketing and Marty Petrizza sites, you will be very lucky to find mailers that have 300 Upgraded Members.