Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges – YES They Still Work!

In the race for more hits, many Traffic Exchanges started to entice Members to Surf more and more. This created a “Penny Surfing” Culture which substantially lowered the results Advertisers were receiving. Land Marketing cares only about Members Results. You may get fewer hits, but seven years of Stats and Testimonials prove beyond doubt that member results are far higher at

Land Marketing Traffic Exchanges!
The Original Three

Land Marketings First Program, Over Five Years in the Top 10! Still There!
Over 52000 Have Joined Over The Years. If you want Results, Join TrafficDelivers!’

FroggyHits was Louise “The Wise” Deavin, aka Miss Froggy, first ( and some say finest) Program,
It brings you the Perfect Blend of Fun and Professionalism!

Where is the Best Place to Surf? Why at the Beach of Course!
This may be the most underrated TE online-Fantasic Results!

The Rescued Three
Not all Owners are able to mantain the Programs they create. A variety of reasons forced some to give up their positions.
Wishing their Members and Creations to Succeed, they arranged for Land Marketing to take them over, to rescue them from obscurity.




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